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Residential Well Drilling

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Residential Well Drilling Services

New and Replacement Wells

Dilden Bros. Well Drilling experience and knowledge of state and local codes and local water availability can be a valuable resource when you require a new or replacement well. Our drilling rigs can create wells of 5” to 16” therefore accommodating a large range of needs. Dilden Bros. has begun the process of modifying our drilling rigs to minimize lawn damage and the clean-up process on your property.

Residential Pump Systems


When your pump system isn’t working correctly, let Dilden Bros. Well Drilling determine the cause of your problem and repair it properly and quickly. Dilden Bros. has qualified, certified, and experienced well pump technicians on staff to install, troubleshoot, or repair all models of well pumps and pressure tank systems.


Dilden Bros. Well Drilling carries the top lines of well pumps, motors, pressure tanks and accessories. And its service trucks are well equipped to take care of your problem quickly on the first visit. For homeowners looking to minimize fluctuations in water pressure, Dilden Bros. Well Drilling offers constant pressure-variable speed submersible pumps that maintain constant water pressure in the home similar to homes that are connected to municipal systems.

Well Evaluations

Dilden Bros. has the capability to visually document and record the interior of wells from the surface to the completed depth. This service is typically requested to determine vertical water flow directions, target depth ranges to apply hydrofracturing techniques, or identify potential problem areas when troubleshooting well issues.

Well Abandonment

Wells that no longer serve their intended purpose are required to be abandoned and sealed per Indiana state regulations to prevent contaminants from entering a water source. Hand dug wells, wells that no longer meet regulatory minimum production requirements, well borings that do not produce a sufficient water quantity, and wells that are no longer needed are required to be abandoned and sealed per Indiana code. 

Well Cleaning

Does your existing well have lowered water flow or heavy levels of sand and sediment? Dilden Bros. will improve water flow and the quality of your water by removing your submersible pump out of the well, and removing built up sediment and gunk out the top of the well. This freshens up your old well and cleans your pump’s screen so you get better water flow and water quality.

Water Treatment

Chlorination of water wells is conducted to sanitize a residential or commercial water system to ensure it is safe for human consumption. This service is required for a property transfer when the water quality test fails for bacteria. We recommend that water well systems be chlorinated any time a pump is physically removed from the well or following a new pump installation. These are conditions where bacteria can be unwittingly introduced into your water system and could potentially adversely affect the quality of the water supply.

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